Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oakhurst Arts 5K Run

In time with the Oakhurst Arts & Music Festival, info from Run Georgia

Oakhurst Arts 5K Run
Saturday, October 8, 2011, 8:00 a.m.
Oakhurst,  Decatur, Ga.
Proceeds to benefit the S.D.C.D.C.
The Oakhurst Arts Run is a 5K held in conjunction with the Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival – Plan to enjoy the festival after the run! Race starts and ends at One Step at a Time running store located in the heart of Oakhurst at 650 E. Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030. Proceeds from this event to benefit South Decatur Community Development - S.D.C.D.C
More info here and here.

Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, October 1

A Future, Not a Past 5K, Candler Park

Firefly Run 5K (Illuminated Night Run), Piedmont Park

The Vibha Dream Mile 5K, Georgia Tech

Racing for Grace 5K/10K, Tucker

Georgia Race for Autism 10K/5K/Mile/Tot Trot, Lawrenceville

See Now. Hear Now. Run Now. 5K & Mile, Chamblee

XTERRA Georgia Fall Fitness 5K Trail Running Race, Buford

6th Annual Ginny Jog 5K, Roswell

Techie 5K & 10K Run/Walk, Norcross

Habitat for Humanity Framing the Future Road Race 5K and Mile, Marietta

The Arts in Motion 5K & Mile Fun Run, Conyers

Angel Dash 5K, McDonough

Battle of the Burgers 5K, Atlanta, Virginia Highland

3rd Annual 5Kell and 1 Mile Fun Run, Marietta

Tour de Pink 5K Run/Walk, Alpharetta

21st Annual Kids Chance Fun Run, Roswell

Sunday, October 2

13.1 Atlanta Half Marathon & 5K, Atlanta

Jones Bridge Animal Hospital Stray Dog Strut 5K, Alpharetta

Race to Read 5K, McDonough

How to Recover Efficiently After a Marathon

Found this on Runners World online

How to Recover Efficiently After a Marathon

September 22, 2011 10:00 am

 I just finished my first marathon Sunday, and I'm wondering what to do for recovery. How much should I be running in the next few weeks, and how long before I can schedule marathon number two? –Jamie D.

Congratulations on your new marathoner status! The recovery process varies every bit as much as the marathon experience itself. Sometimes the post-race healing happens very efficiently and you are back to running 100% in a matter of weeks, while other times it can take much longer. Some variables that affect the length of recovery time needed include the quality of the training season, lingering aches and pains, how you navigate the return to running, nutrition, stress in your life, sleep, how hard you pushed on race day, the course and terrain, the weather, your age, your marathon experience, and more.

Read more here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday Night Run 9-28-2011

Hello ORC,

It was the last minute till I remembered that the 4th of July fireworks were rescheduled for last weekend.  I heard them though.  Cakes & Ale will be grilling up at the Oakhurst Community Garden Project for a fundraiser for the gardens. The Decatur Fitness Festival is at Decatur HS Stadium on Saturday. The Sweet Auburn fest is this weekend. Avondale is hosting Kidsfest.  Hotoberfest is at Glenwood Park. At the Atlanta Friends Meeting House is the Atlanta Pagan Pride Day. The Atlanta Greek Fest is at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral; awesome food.  At Emory Presbyterian is Bluegrass and BBQ.  Battle of the Burgers is at John Howell Park.  The Lake Claire Home and Garden tours are this weekend.  And I thought there wasnt much this weekend.

What else is going on?  What events would you like to share?

This weekend will be the first day of October; it is officially Fall and hopefully the temps will follow.  Some local runs this weekend are the A Future, Not a Past 5K in Candler Park; the Firefly Run 5K an illuminated night run at Piedmont Park; the Vibha Dream Mile 5K at Georgia Tech; Battle of the Burgers 5K in the Highlands; and an Xterra race in Buford, not local but a cool trail race nonetheless.  There are a lot of other runs around the Metro Atlanta area, check out the Run Georgia calendar.  On Sunday are the 13.1 Atlanta Half Marathon & 5K so watch out for traffic.

Interesting note, the City of Decatur website now has a running page and has posted some routes on the site.  All the routes start from the front of the Old Decatur Courthouse.  If the route format looks familiar, there is good reason for that,

This Wednesday you will be running route 8, the East Lake Golf Course run.  The link to the route is at the bottom of this e- mail.  I fixed up the link and now the routes are in Google docs.  I can access it from my phone but I cant test it from my work computer.  Let me know if it works.  After getting out of the hill on Garland, the route runs downhill until climbing Oakview Rd.  Then the route continues to climb Howard to a quick downhill on College.  Then it's the climb on Wisteria, and a finishing uphill at the shop.  After the run, it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Running In Decatur

Several running maps have been posted to the City of Decatur site. You can click here to get to the site.  From the site and some routes that have been posted

The City of Decatur offers a number of running maps, all beginning at the Old Courthouse Square in downtown Decatur. Maps include turn by turn directions as well as elevations. Enjoy your run in Decatur!

Clairemont Heights 1 Mile Run

Clairemont Heights 3 Mile Run

Glenlake 2 MIle Run

Glenlake 5 Mile Run

PATH/Rocky Ford 4 Mile Run

Adair 2 Mile Run

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Talk Test

From the NY Times online

Rethinking the Exercise ‘Talk Test’


Many of us rely on the so-called talk test to gauge a workout’s intensity. It is such a simple measure, consisting of only one question: Can you speak aloud while working out? If so, conventional wisdom says, you are exercising at the right intensity to improve both your health and fitness.

But a new study by researchers at the University of New Hampshire suggests that we may need to refine our thinking about the talk test. For some of us, it seems, gabbing easily with a partner could be shortchanging our training.

For the study, the researchers recruited 15 healthy and active men and women ranging in age from 18 to 35. The volunteers were not competitive athletes, but most possessed above-average fitness. They were not new to exercise.

All of the participants began the experiment with testing to quantify how hard they could exercise. The researchers looked at measures like maximum heart rate and oxygen-carrying capacity, or VO2 max, a measure of how efficiently oxygen is delivered to muscles. They also looked at something called lactate threshold, the point at which the muscles tend to give out. As the intensity of your workout increases, you move closer to your particular physiological ceiling, the moment at which your body can no longer keep moving.

In a separate session, each volunteer then recited the Pledge of Allegiance aloud while jogging on a treadmill at an increasingly brisk pace. Every three minutes, he or she would repeat the pledge and tell the scientists whether speaking now was easy, difficult or close to impossible (amounting to a gasped “can’t talk”). Throughout the session, the researchers tracked each volunteer’s heart rate and other measures of exertion.

What they discovered was that people who are already fit start to have considerable difficulty talking when they approach their lactate threshold.

If that finding sounds abstruse, you probably are among the many of us who have been blissfully unaware of the significance of our lactate thresholds.

Read on here.

Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, September 24

Be The One Run 5K / 1K / Tot Trot, Atlantic Station

5th Annual Walk of HEROes 5K & Tot Trot, Decatur

JPNA's Autumn Rush 5K, East

5K 2 KO Cancer,

XTERRA Georgia Harbins Park 10K Trail Running Race, Grayson

ATC Singleton 5M & 10M, Tucker

Chase A Cop 5K & Mile, Lawrenceville

Fight Against Childhood Obesity 5K Run/Walk, Tucker

Silver Lake Centennial 5K, Atlanta

LAMA 5K Run/Walk for Literacy, Decatur

Carbo Loading

From Running Times online

Carbo–loading Rules to Run By

Learn when and how to effectively carbo-load

By Jackie Dikos, R.D.

As featured in the Web Only issue of Running Times Magazine

“Am I eating enough or too much?” It can be nerve-wracking wondering if effective carbohydrate loading is being applied before a major race. Just because the belly is full doesn’t mean it’s full of beneficial carbohydrates that will support successful racing. Consider these basic rules in understanding where carbohydrates enter the diet, what the best carbohydrates are leading up to a race, and how to effectively carbohydrate load.

Read on here.

Simple and Effective

From Running Times online

Think Tall for Good Running Form

The simplest, most effective running form cue

By Greg McMillan, M.S.

As featured in the October 2011 issue of Running Times Magazine

I was lucky to run at a high school where the coach and the upperclassmen focused on proper running form. It was something we worked on frequently. As a result, nearly every runner leaving the program had very good form. Notice that I didn't say "the same form." We all had differences in our body structure and function, so we had variations in our form. We all, however, looked good running.

The first lesson that our coach taught us was to "run tall." It's the easiest cue to use for runners and will clear up about 90 percent of form issues. It's a simple idea that when consistently implemented results in significant improvements in running form.

Here's the idea: Your head should be balanced over your shoulders. Your shoulders should be balanced over your hips, and your hips should be balanced over your legs. No slouching your shoulders (a common problem since most of us are hunched over a computer all day). No head in front of your body (more thanks to the computer). No butt sticking out. Since I've coached high-schoolers up to senior citizens, I know that just by telling them to run tall, their running technique improves greatly no matter how experienced of a runner they are.

We can debate footwear (from "normal" shoes to minimal shoes and even to bare feet), foot plant (heel strike, midfoot strike and toe strike) as well as any of the other biomechanical theories/opinions that are gaining popularity. But if you focus just on running tall, you'll run better. You'll have better technique. You'll create less stress on your body. And you'll counteract the gradual return to a hunched-over caveman that our everyday lives encourage.

Your task, then, isn't to spend hours reading opinions on running form and footwear. Your task is just to think about running tall over the next week. This doesn't mean running stiff. It means simply holding your body in a relaxed yet balanced position. Once you achieve this relaxed, balanced position with your body, then the rest of good form is pretty easy to correct.

Read on here.

What Mud on Your Calves Means for Your Form

I found this very interesting from Running Times online

What Mud on Your Calves Means for Your Form

Four form flaws you can recognize by yourself

By Jennifer Hughes

As featured in the October 2011 issue of Running Times Magazine

Sometimes, problems with your running form are obvious. For example, if after an hour of running your neck and shoulders get increasingly tight, then you have undeniable evidence of something that needs fixing.

Sometimes, though, things aren't so obvious, either because you don't notice anything untoward happening while you're running, or what you do notice doesn't seem like it matters. Here are four common "hidden" quirks that are likely signs of a weakness or imbalance. Fix them, and you'll run faster and be less susceptible to injury.

Read on here.

Wednesday Night Run 9-21-2011

Hello ORC,

It is Car Free Day today in Decatur and you are doing your job running
around Decatur.

Darwin is at Fernbank. Music Midtown is back. It's Inman Park restaurant
week. Doria Roberts (former neighbor) is playing tomorrow night at the
East Atlanta Village Farmer's Market. There is the Atlanta Music
Festival at Emory. Garden Hills is having an Ice Cream Social that is
open to the public. The PGA Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club
should be here anytime.

What else is going on? Want to share?

Looking at the calendar on Run Georgia there are a whole lot of runs on
the calendar this weekend. Let me focus on some local runs and an
xterra. The 5th Annual Walk of HEROes 5K & Tot Trot will be in Decatur.
The JPNA's Autumn Rush 5K is in East Point. By the way that's Jefferson
Park Neighborhood Association. The XTERRA Georgia Harbins Park 10K Trail
Running Race is in Grayson. The ATC Singleton 5M & 10M is in Tucker. And
finally the LAMA 5K Run/Walk for Literacy is in Decatur. There are a
whole lot more and you can check it out here,

Tonight, Wednesday you will be running Route 9, the Lake Claire run.
It's not getting too dark for ths run is it? It's a nice run starting
with the short hills going out and then the long hard flat coming back
into Decatur and Oakhurst, along Ponce and East Lake Rd. The link is at
the bottom of this e-mail. After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for
food, drinks and trivia.

Enjoy your run Wednesday night. Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running
Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

90 Days In The 90s

From the AJC online

High in the 90s on Wednesday would tie record

By Mike Morris

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday’s high temperature is expected to reach the 90s for a record-tying 90th time this year, but forecasters are promising cooler weather, along with a slight chance of showers, beginning on Thursday.

So far in 2011, Atlanta’s official thermometer at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has registered temperatures in the 90s on 89 days, a number surpassed only by the 90 days in the 90s recorded in 1980.

Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Karen Minton is predicting a high Wednesday of 91, but said temperatures will take a “big drop” when a cold front arrives Wednesday night.

Read on here.

Team Decatur Wins Most Fit City!

Great news for the City of Decatur, Congratulations!  From the Be Active Decatur site, read the post here.

Go Team Decatur! Team Decatur took home the “Most Fit City” award for the second year in a row at the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk 5K. We had 256 members ranging in ages from 10 to 81 who enjoyed the cool evening event.  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated.

A special thanks goes to Active Living Board Member Michael Harbin who did a fabulous job rallying the Decatur community and businesses.

Commissioner Patti Garrett accepted the award from Olympian Jeff Galloway.
(Picture from the Be Active Decatur site)

2011 5K Fun Run & Walk for Parks and Recreation

Piedmont Park - Sage Parking Deck

Thursday, November 3, 2011 @ 7:00 AM

Register online at

America's Backyard is your prescription for good health. Improving your health is as easy as a walk or a run in the park-Throw on your sneakers and join people from across the country for the 2011 5K Fun Run & Walk for Parks and Recreation. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Georgia Park and Recreation Association and go towards supporting parks and recreation in the U.S. through the National Recreation and Park Association's "America's Backyard" initiative.

Ron Clark Academy Parents Run for Education

Grant Park

Saturday, October 8, 2011 @ 8:00 AM

Register on here.

EVENT OVERVIEW Ron Clark Academy Parents (RCAP) is excited to present the 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk to benefit Ron Clark Academy Scholarship Fund. The mission of the event is to promote education, health, community partnership and to motivate youth to get out and run! Time: 7:30-8:15AM - Check-In & Fitness Warm-up 8:30am - Run | 8:45am - Walk 10:00am - Closing @ Pavilion #1

Jefferson Park's Autumn Rush 5k

East Point, Tri-Cities High School

Saturday, September 24, 2011 @ 9:00 AM

Register here on


Autumn Rush 5k offers a great neighborhood course that will surely please the experienced runners with a few hills to challenge but will also be a great walking or lighter paced course for beginners/walkers with beautiful homes to enjoy along the route. This race will begin and end at Tri-Cities High School - ample parking available. This top rated magnet school will showcase their culinary student's talent by providing the registrants with a light breakfast.

Here's some more information...

Jefferson Park Autumn Rush 5K Run/Walk 
East Point, GA: The Jefferson Park Neighbor’s Association (JPNA) is seeking participants for its inaugural Autumn Rush 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, September 24th  at Tri-Cities High School. 
The Autumn Rush 5K Run/Walk is the JPNA’s signature fundraising event that supports multiple neighborhood projects such as a holiday fund for local families in need, as well as co-sponsored projects and financial support of Tri-Cities High School vocational and educational programs. Taking place for the first time this fall, the Autumn Rush promises to be a race aimed at engaging runners and walkers of all abilities in an event that also introduces them to the beautiful and charismatic neighborhood on the Southside of Atlanta.
The event will feature a challenging 3.1 mile course through the tree-lined streets of Jefferson Park, a post-WW II in-town neighborhood made up of approximately 1,100 residences. Start and Finish line is at Tri-Cities High School. Participants can expect a family-friendly atmosphere and post-event activities for all ages, as well as a post-race breakfast cooked and served by the Tri-Cities High School Culinary Department.

Be The One Run comes to Georgia

The Be The One Run is coming to Georgia and Atlantic Station, read on for more details...

Be The One Run® comes to Georgia
Run/walk event brings together marrow donors and transplant patients, highlights the need for unrelated marrow transplants

Atlanta will host a Be The Match® Be The One Run® on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Atlantic Station; bringing together marrow donors and transplant patients to highlight the need for unrelated marrow transplants.

This 5K run/walk fundraising event gives patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and 70 other life-threatening diseases a second chance at life. Every step participants take helps patients receive the marrow transplant they need.

Every year, 10,000 patients need a marrow transplant but have no donor match in their family. They depend on Be The Match to help them find an unrelated marrow donor and receive the transplant they need. For many, a marrow transplant is their best or only hope for a cure.

With a 5K, 1K Fun Run, and Tot Trot, Be The One Run is perfect for the entire family and for people of all fitness levels. Visit to register, fundraise and volunteer.

Through Be The Match Foundation®, Be The One Run raises funds to support marrow transplant research, help patients with uninsured treatment costs, and add more volunteer potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry®, giving more patients hope for a cure.

The Atlanta Be The One Run is part of a 2011 national series that includes Be The One Runs in Minneapolis, Portland, Houston, Charlotte and Long Beach.

“Be The One Run reminds us all of the life-saving impact everyday people can make,” said Christine Fleming, president of Be The Match Foundation. “It invites participants to walk or run in the footsteps of patient families searching for a donor or those who have undergone a life-saving marrow transplant thanks to the kindness of a stranger and the advances in medical science.”
Take the first step. Register for the Be The One Run or support a runner or walker with a contribution. Visit

Calling All Volunteers - 13.1 Atlanta Needs You

Here's a call to volunteers for the 13.1 Atlanta race...

October 2nd is just around the corner. If you have already registered to be a part of the volunteer team for 13.1 ® Atlanta, THANK YOU!

If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late to get in on the fun!  CLICK HERE to see a list of available openings.

Read on to learn about Group Fundraising and Volunteer Captain Opportunities.


Are you an experienced runner or volunteer?

We are looking for a few good men and women to serve as Zone Captains.

As a Zone Captain you will lead a group of Course Marshals as they cheer runners on and assist with traffic and pedestrian control on a designated stretch of the course.

If you think you might be up to the challenge, Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jayne Nickell for more information.


We have something for everybody!  Come and join the fun!
13.1 Atlanta Volunteers           
CLICK HERE to see a list of available jobs and to register.

  All Volunteers receive a Custom T-Shirt, Goody Bag, and an entry into the "Race Crew Only" Prize Drawing.


Happier Boy Scouts
What is even more fun than being a volunteer?

Being a volunteer with a GROUP of your friends while earning a donation for your favorite charity!

We have a few fundraising slots remaining for groups of 5 or more.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jayne Nickell to learn more.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's The Shoes

From Running Times online

Jenny Simpson’s Flashy Spikes

By Brian Metzler

Why do athletes hold up their gear after they win a race? It might seem like a blatant act of vanity, but it’s really to acknowledge their sponsors, of course. (However, in Jenny Barringer Simpson’s case, after winning the world championships 1500m, it might have just been a reaction of pure unadulterated joy.) Either way, why should the rest of us care, though, when we most likely can’t buy those same custom-tweaked products or might never really have a need for featherweight track spikes that weigh 4 oz. per shoe?

Because somewhere down the road, we might benefit, too.

Read on here.

Wednesday Night Run 9-14-2011

Hello ORC,

Go Team Decatur, Decatur won the Most Fit City award at the Kaiser Permanente Corporate 5K, a pat on the back for Decatur and its runners.  Some Decatur events this weekend are CPR training at City Hall which is free for Decatur residents.  The Concerts on the Square continue.  A charity auction for HIV/AIDS is at the Solarium.  In Kirkwood is the Kirkwood Wine Stroll.  There is an architect tour at Emory.  The Atlanta Indie Market continues along with the Festival on Ponce Summer Arts and Crafts Festival.  The 1st Bluegrass Jam is happening at the Oakhurst Community Garden this Friday night.  There is so much going on this weekend, its easy to get 2 handfuls of events to add, even with Decatur/Oakhurst events.

What else is going on?  Want to share?

As the weather gets a little cooler but not cold, there are more races.  So heres welcoming Fall and all the races that come with it.  A race that is special to me because it is the first road race I ever did is the east Atlanta Strut 5K.  There is the Red Top Mountain Half Marathon in Cartersville.  The Caterpillar Crawl 5K and Butterfly Bolt 10K runs in Brookhaven.  In the Highlands is the Fired Up 5K.  Tucker has 2, the Dekalb Police Beat The Badge 5K and the Tucker 5K.    At Lullwater Park is the Run For Research 5K and 10K.  Chastain has the Victory Run 5K.  Grant Park has the Black Tie 5K.  And there are a whole lot more races outside of our local area too.

This Wednesday you are running through the Winnona neighborhood on Route 1.  The run goes through Kirkwood, through McKoy Park, around Winnona, through Agnes Scott, and a long finishing straight on Ansley.  This is one of those runs that has a lot of turns.  Don't despair, it's all in the neighborhood, you can run your way out.  The link to Route 1 is at the bottom of this e-mail.  After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Enjoy your run Wednesday night.  Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.


Local Races This Weekend

Friday, September 16
4th Annual Eagle Pride 5K & Mile Fun Run, Monroe

Saturday, September 17
Race for the Fallen at Red Top Mountain Half Marathon, Cartersville
Caterpillar Crawl 5K & Butterfly Bolt 10K, Brookhaven
DeKalb Police "Beat the Badge" 5K Road Race, Tucker
Fired Up! 5K, Virginia Highland
Tucker 5K Run/Walk, Tucker
East Atlanta Strut 5K Run/Walk, Atlanta
3rd Annual Run from the Cops 5K & Mile, Carrollton
7th Annual Hot Lips Hustle 5K, Marietta
ASR McDonough 5K Classic @ Hooters, McDonough
2nd Annual Run for Research 5K / 10K, Lullwater Park
Black Tie 5K, Atlanta, Grant Park
9/11 Victory Run 5K, Atlanta, Chastain Park

Sunday, September 18
Iron Horse 15K & 5K Express, Kennesaw
Runnin' into Autumn Half Marathon, Lawrenceville
Fred Birchmore Centennial run for Fun 5K & Mile, Athens
5K 4 The 3-day, Gainesville

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday Night Run 9-7-2011

Hello ORC,

This Saturday night at Decatur Square, the Concerts on the Square series continues.  The 2011 Annual Atlanta ice Cream Festival will be going on at Piedmont Park.  You can learn to brew your own beer at the Oakhurst Community Garden.  The Wheelbarrow Festival rolls off in Reynoldstown this weekend at Lang Carson Park.

What else is going on this weekend?  Anyone want to share?

There is a Thursday night race at Turner Field.  The Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk starts at 7pm.  Its mostly teams but individuals can run also.  Decatur does have a team.  Prepare for the crowds and hopefully you get a good starting position to avoid the crowds.  More local races this weekend is the Legal Runaround 5K at Piedmont Park.  There is also the Vinings Down Hill 5K Run for the Kids, MBC Scholarship 7K Run/Walk, and the GAHBA Green Awareness 5K all happening on Saturday.  On Sunday is the  ATC Atlanta Ekiden Team Relay at Piedmont, the Terry Farrell 9/11 Stair Climb, and the 9/11 Victory Run for American Legion at Chastain Park.

This Wednesday you will be running route 6.  It's the elephant run as named by Gail.  There are the challenging hills of Delano, the grind up Rogers, and of course climbing up McClendon.  The link to the route is at the bottom of this e- mail. After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Enjoy your run Wednesday night.  Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.