Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday Night Run 10-26-2011

Hello ORC,

It is the last weekend before Halloween so I guess you can call it Halloween weekend. So on Sunday is the 1st Annual HomeGrown Halloween Parade and Monsters' Ball. If you havent run (pun intended) through the neighborhoods, there is the Decorate Decatur Halloween Contest. There are many a yards that go all out to decorate for Halloween. Just at the corner of Hibernia and Adair are several yards filled with decorations. At Twains on Saturday is the 3rd Annual Moonshiner’s Ball. This is just a few of the local events this weekend.

What else is going on this week?

There are a couple of local races this weekend and some of you are busy training for your fall marathons. One of which could be this weekend, good luck to you. There is much more races going on this weekend and here are some local ones. On Saturday are the Big Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk in Roswell, the Race for Smiles 5K & 1K Fun Run in Johns Creek, and the Start! Heart Walk 5K at Turner Field. For a longer run in Mableton is the Silver Comet Half Marathon/Marathon. Meanwhile on Sunday is the 2011 Atlanta Dog Jog at Piedmont Park. Also on Sunday, watch out for traffic for the ATC Atlanta Marathon & Marathon Relay.

As a continuing friendly reminder from now until it gets lighter, wear your lights, reflective vests, etc. so you can be seen during your run. Please run safely.

This Wednesday you are running through the Winnona neighborhood on Route 1.  The run goes through Kirkwood, through McKoy Park, around Winnona, through Agnes Scott, and a long finishing straight on Ansley.  This run has a lot of turns but it's all in the neighborhood, you can run your way out.  The link to Route 1 is at the bottom of this e-mail.  After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Enjoy your run Wednesday night.  Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.




Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, October 29

Big Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk, Roswell

Race for Smiles 5K & 1K Fun Run, Johns Creek

Silver Comet Half Marathon/Marathon & Fun Run, Mableton

Start! Heart Walk 5K, Turner Field

Sunday, October 30

2011 Atlanta Dog Jog, Piedmont Park

ATC Atlanta Marathon & Marathon Relay, Atlanta

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The secret of the world's oldest marathon runner

From The Guardian online

The secret of the world's oldest marathon runner

Fauja Singh, 100, who completed the Toronto race, says it's all down to avoiding stress

By: Nosheen Iqbal


Wednesday 19 October 2011 15.30 EDT

'Anything worth doing is going to be difficult," says Fauja Singh, the 100-year-old runner who this week became the world's oldest person to complete a full-length marathon, crossing the line at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront event in eight hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds. (And he didn't finish last: five came in after him.)

At five foot eight and weighing a little more than eight stone, Singh is a spindly figure under his heavy turban and wispy beard. "Girl, you tell me: has anything you wanted ever been easy?" he says. "I was so worried we [he ran with his trainer] might not make it that we didn't tell our relatives we were doing it. I just wanted to break that bloody record."

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How quickly is water absorbed after you drink it?

Interesting little article from Sweat Science

How quickly is water absorbed after you drink it?

October 19th, 2011

I’ve always been curious about this. Sometimes, after drinking a big glass of water, it seems like I pee it all out literally just a few minutes later. Is this just in my head, or is ingested fluid really processed that quickly? A new study by researchers at the University of Montreal, published online in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, takes a very detailed look at the kinetics of water absorption and offers some answers.

The study gave 36 volunteers 300 mL of ordinary bottled water, “labelled” with deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen than contains a proton and a neutron instead of just a proton) to allow the researchers to track how much of that specific gulp of water was found at different places in the body. They found that the water started showing up in the bloodstream within five minutes; half of the water was absorbed in 11-13 minutes; and it was completely absorbed in 75-120 minutes.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday Night Run 10-19-2011

Hello ORC,

With a high in the 80s on Monday and temps falling for the rest of the week; does 80 degrees count as Indian Summer even though it was just one day. This Saturday, Glenwood Estates is having a neighborhood yard sale. It will be Food Day at the Decatur Farmers Market. On Thursday October 20th is a free self-defense class at the Beacon Hill Center. Garden Jams is going on Friday night at the Oakhurst Community Garden Project. Turn DecatuRED is doing a citywide fundraiser on Saturday. The taste Of Atlanta is at Spring and 5th. There is a free screening of FLOW on Friday night at Emory University. The Atlanta Indie Market and the festival on Ponce continue on. And finally the Little 5 Points Halloween parade and festival are this weekend.

What else is going on this week/weekend?  Anyone want to share?

Local races this weekend include the Run Like Hell 5K & Run Like Heck 1K for Kids at Oakland Cemetery. You can bet there will be a Halloween theme for races for the next week and a half. In Atlanta is the Road Race for Education 5K and in Piedmont Park is the 2011 Kids' Wheel & Run. On Sunday is the AKF/Partnerships in Action 5K & 1K & Kids Run in Centennial Olympic Park.  For something longer or different are the Athens GA Half Marathon in Athens and the 2nd Annual Georgia State Championship Trail Running Race in Lawrenceville.

This Wednesday you will be running route 6.  It's the elephant run as named by Gail.  There are the challenging hills of Delano, the grind up Rogers, and of course climbing up McClendon.  By the way, if it is getting too dark for this route to be run, let me know and I will shelve it for the winter. Last year a comment was made that the path/sidewalk along East Lake was too dark to see. And of course since daylight is shrinking away, wear your lights and other reflective gear for the run. The link to the route is at the bottom of this e-mail. After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Enjoy your run Wednesday night.  Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.




Play It Safe Before You Lace Up

This is pretty cool and something I picked up from the Decatur-Avondale Estates Patch online

Healthy Patch Living

By Kelly Marie George

Play It Safe Before You Lace Up

Decatur sports chiropractor gives tips on how to avoid injury by preparing properly for running.

As the cooler temperatures kick in, people are able to spend more time outside walking and running. Perhaps you are even getting your running shoes out now and getting ready for one of the many races coming up.

Whether you are a competitive runner or you just like to do fun runs, it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and avoiding injury.

Decatur sports chiropractor Dr. Alan Bragman agrees that running is a great way to stay fit. However, he also knows the repetitive nature of the sport is associated with injuries such as, sprains, strains, tendonitis, fascitis, fractures and other problems with lower extremities.

“Most running injuries and problems are related to improper preparation and over training,” says Bragman. “Runners need to prepare for this challenging high impact activity by stretching, properly warming up, having adequate core strength and cross training."

These principles apply to all runners. Many people ramp up their running routines for upcoming races. Here’s where Bragman says he sees problems.

Read on here.

A Marathon Runner Delivers a Baby

From the Sun Times online

Woman gives birth after running Chicago Marathon

BY DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter/drozek@suntimes.com October 10, 2011 12:12PM

Amber Miller will take running a marathon over labor pains any day — but on Sunday, she mastered both.

Despite being almost 39 weeks pregnant when she hit the starting line of the Chicago Marathon, Miller ran through labor contractions and the unusually warm 77-degree day to finish the race.

She delivered a healthy daughter about 7 1/2 hours later.

“The race was definitely easier than the labor,” Miller said Monday as she cradled her 7-pound, 13-ounce newborn, June Audra Miller.

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Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, October 22

Spooktacular 5K & 1K, Smyrna

Run Like Hell 5K & Run Like Heck 1K for Kids, Oakland Cemetery

Contact: Ed Williams (404) 327-7738. 

Dyslexia Dash 5K, Roswell

Helping Hand 5K, Lawrenceville

Road Race for Education 5K, Atlanta

2011 Kids' Wheel & Run, Atlanta, Piedmont Park

Paws on Pavement 4 Mile Run & 2 Mile Walk, College Park

Sunday, October 23

Race to Rally Hope 5K - 10K - Fun Run, Alpharetta

Athens GA Half Marathon, Athens

AKF/Partnerships in Action 5K & 1K & Kids Run, Centennial Olympic Park

2nd Annual Georgia State Championship Trail Running Race, Lawrenceville

Transition to Trails

From Running Times online

Transition to Trails

What road elites turned trail champions can teach you about going off-road

By Ian Torrence

As featured in the October 2011 issue of Running Times Magazine

Why don't the top percent, the best of the best, the Ryan Halls and Kara Gouchers, give off-road racing a try? James Howard, a longtime high school and college coach, Olympic trials marathoner and a two-time winner of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, identifies the elite runner's typical progression.

"Most competitive road and track runners have progressed through some type of youth or high school and college running program that offers cross country and track," Howard muses, reflecting many Running Times readers' experience. "Cross country offers the fast racer the experience of running over dirt and grass on wide trails at distances that range from 2 miles to 12K. So, most serious runners will progress to longer flat road racing distances such as the half marathon and marathon but will not transition to longer trail racing because they are more interested in personal records at established distances. When you transition to technical trail, personal records are slower and race-specific. Most serious road racers do not feel the need to race on trails longer than the distances offered in the sport of cross country and do not care about the challenge that technical trail running offers."

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The Wrong Medal

From Wales Online

Cardiff Half Marathon runner awarded wrong medal

by Jessica Flynn, WalesOnline Oct 18 2011

AFTER running 13.1 miles in the Lloyds TSB Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday Anthony Bowen was relived to cross the finish line and receive his medal.

But it was only later on that the father of six and grandfather of two realised that he had been given the wrong medal.

Read on here.

Recover Right with Whole Foods

From Running Times online

Recover Right with Whole Foods

Try these meals and snacks to add variety to your recovery diet

By Jackie Dikos, R.D.

As featured in the Web Only issue of Running Times Magazine

There are plenty of bars, shakes, drinks and other forms of supplements to purchase in an effort to promote recovery from demanding training. Such options can serve a purpose in filling gaps in meeting recovery nutrition needs. However, supplements aren’t necessary in promoting recovery. There are benefits to consuming whole foods as recovery fuel.

First of all, whole food is often less expensive than supplementation. Also keep in mind that consuming the same supplement day in and day out limits nutrients available to the body. Eating varied recovery snacks and meals supports a diet diverse in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. This is beneficial for overall health and potentially performance. The ideal recovery snack or meal will be rich in carbohydrates (roughly half your body weight in grams of carbohydrate) and include a source of protein (620g).

Consider including some of these recovery snacks and meals in your training.

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Running With Your Cat

From The Vancouver Sun online

For jogging Vancouver cat, life’s a walk in the park

‘Doglike’ three-year-old Abyssinian has been trained to go for strolls on a leash and to sit on command

By Kim Pemberton, Vancouver Sun October 13, 2011

Jafari Jamison Underfoot, or JJ for short, loves to jog the Stanley Park trails, wade into the waves of English Bay and has learned to sit on command.

JJ happens to be a cat, but not just any cat.

This nearly three-year-old feline is an Abyssinian, which owner Christopher Weeks explained is a breed with many “doglike” qualities

Read on here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Run 10-12-2011

Hello ORC,

A couple of Fall Fests are going on this weekend. Avondale is having their Autumn Fest this weekend. There is the North GA Mountain Style Fall festival at the United Methodist Children’s Home. At the Solarium on Thursday night is the Low Country Boil benefiting the Decatur Education Foundation. In Candler Park is the Candler Park Fall Fest at Candler Park (How many times can I write Candler Park in one sentence). It is Atlanta Beer Week this week and into the weekend. There are events all over town. Tuesday is City of Decatur Beer Week day. And this weekend at the Brick Store is the Decatur Craft Beer Festival. Decatur ghost tour starts at 8 at the Decatur bandstand.

What else is going on this weekend?

The Candler Park Fall Fest runs this Saturday. There is also the Grant Park Monster Dash 5K. On Sunday is the AIDS Walk/5K run at Piedmont Park. There are a lot of other runs in the metro Atlanta area. If you want something longer, there is the Norcross Half Marathon. If you want something dirtier, there is the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run in Conyers. If you want something faster, there is the Morningside Mile.

It was supposed to be Katie Kerr based on the cycle but that route is getting dark to run so it’s shelved for the winter. Which means the winter route will be coming up sooner or later. Also since it is getting dark, please bring out the reflective vests, shirts, jackets, and lights for your safety. On Wednesday night you will be running route 13.  The route goes up the hard flat of Oakview and hits the hills of Spence/McDonough.  The link to the route is at the bottom of this e- mail.  After the run it's off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks and trivia.

Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.




Monday, October 10, 2011

Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, October 15

Candler Park Fall Fest 5K, Candler Park

BA 5K, Dunwoody

JA Autumn Dash 5K, Atlanta

Monster Dash 5K / Mile / Fun Run, Grant Park

Emory Winship 5K, Emory University Track

Peachtree City Classic 15K & 5K, Peachtree City

2011 Norcross Half Marathon & 5K, Norcross

Hilton Kort 5K & 1K Family Fun Run, Sandy Springs

Healthy Moves 5K, Marietta

Dravet Syndrome Foundation Family Fun Walk, Chastain Park

The Phoenix 5K & 1K Firebird Fun Run/Walk, Atlanta

J E Dunn Hammer Down 5K and 1K Fun Run, Sandy Springs

Sunday, October 16

Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run 5K & 10K, Conyers

The Morningside Mile, Virginia Highlands/Morningside

2011 AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run, Piedmont Park

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Local Races This Weekend

Saturday, October 8

Oakhurst Arts Run, Oakhurst, Decatur

Athletes Helping Athletes 5K Run/Mile Walk, Kennesaw

Remember Haiti 5K Run/1K Race for Hope, Jonesboro

Granite Grasshopper 5K & Fun Run, Stone Mountain

Cobb County Make-A-Wish 5K, Marietta

Ron Clark Academy Parents 5K Run/Walk for Education, Grant Park

Sunday, October 9

Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12-Miler, Chatsworth

Makes A Difference Day Hawg Jog 5K, Marietta

Wednesday Night Run 10-5-2011

Hello ORC,

Its that time of the year again; its the Oakhurst Arts fest at Harmony Park.  There will be the 5K race in the morning. And for the afternoon, you can stroll around Oakhurst, see the artist’s tents, and listen to some music. So come out and support the neighborhood and its all free. Atlanta Pride fest is also this weekend mostly by Piedmont Park. Parade is at 1pm on Sunday. At the brick Store Pub is the Annual Hop Harvest fest. Sweet Auburn Music Fest goes on this weekend. You can take the Decatur Ghost Tour starting at 8pm at the Bandstand on Friday night. The Friends School of Atlanta is having a yard sale/flea market.

What else is going on?  Care to share?

The closest run you can have in Oakhurst is the Oakhurst Arts Run 5K. Its this Saturday and runs in conjunction with the Oakhurst Arts fest. Other close runs are the Ron Clark Academy Parents 5K Run/Walk for Education in Grant Park and the Cobb County Make-A-Wish 5K in Marietta. If you are up for a Sunday run there is the Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12-Miler in Chatsworth and the Makes A Difference Day Hawg Jog 5K in Marietta. I hope the temps stay like it is today because it makes for a nice run.

This Wednesday you will be running route 10.  I call it the Tupelo run because of the challenging hill on Tupelo.  The run hits Rockyford, Hosea, Tupelo, and the rolling hills of Spence/McDonough.  You can see the map through the link below. After this 5 miler it is off to Mojo's Pizza for food, drinks, and trivia.

Thanks for making the Oakhurst Running Club one of the friendliest running club in Atlanta.